All time high of news with world lows

In the past week, the influx of news has hit a high.  Nationally and globally, with subjects ranging from war to technology, it is clear our world is reaching an all time high of newsworthiness.  These six stories however, are the highlights I’ve noticed and considered to be of upmost importance.

Ballistic missiles cause tension, who knew?

On November 4, fearing for his life, Lebanon’s prime minister resigned.  He said as tensions have increased, Iran has gained too much influence in the region.  Meanwhile, an Iran-backed militant group in Yemen, fired a ballistic missile at the Saudi capital, ultimately being shot down by Saudi defenses.  This is being potentially considered as an act of war.

Another shot heard around the US

A gunman killed at least 26 people inside a church on November 5, while injuring at least 20 as well.  Half the victims where children.  It happened during a morning service in the small town of Sutherland Springs, TX.  A local resident was able to fire back at the gunman as he ran to his car.  The gunman was later found dead in his car near the county’s border.

Apples and oranges

Despite their technological problem with weird symbols replacing the letter “I”, Apple won the patent lawsuit against Samsung on November 6.  The battle has gone on for the past few years, arguing which had first invented the slide-to-unlock feature.  Apple took home $120 million as the Supreme Court decided to ignore Samsung’s latest appeal.

Greek Life loses life at FSU

After a freshman pledge was found dead on November 3, Florida State University has made a complete ban of Greek life on their campus.  Additionally, on November 6, a member of another fraternity was arrested for selling cocaine.  This resulted in the president announcing the schools withdrawal from Greek life, announcing that “a new normal” is needed if they’re ever going to reinstate it.

Catalonia turning over: sacked

Last month, Catalonia voted to break ties with Spain.  However, Spain disagreed with this vote and poured into the region to put a halt to the rebellion.  Dubbing the vote unconstitutional, Spain sacked their government and investigating members of Catalonia’s former government on charges like rebellion and misuse of funds.

Less Dems = Less taxes?

House Republican lawmakers began to share their plan to overhaul the US tax code on November 2.  The new code would phase out the estate tax, cut the corporate tax rate, and overall adjust it to allow Americans to pay fewer in taxes.  The lawmakers are attempting to finalize and vote on it before Christmas.  This could be the only chance for Republicans to comb through the complicated tax code and adjust it to their ambitions.



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